Saturday, 27 October 2007

Brodsworth Light Show.

Hello everyone. Last night David and Jo came over and we all went out to see the light show they are putting on at Brodsworth Hall. As you will see from the pictures I took for you various parts of the gardens are lit up by coloured lights. It was very busy with a queue of at least 40 yards long and 2 people wide when we arrived but it was all good fun and I don’t think anyone minded too much even though there was some grumbling about the wait. Once inside the gardens the crowds weren’t bad enough to spoil the event. As you walked up the drive to the hall there was music playing from the bushes, the big Cedar tree was lit up which showed off it’s beauty and behind this could be seen the hall which was lit by ever changing colours. I think my favourite part was the sunken garden area which was lit mainly in blue with palms and other things in different colours. There were lots more to see than what I’ve shown you in the pics, I didn’t photograph everything and I only had my phone with me so some of then turned out a bit shaky but I think you will get the idea.

This morning I had to take Vicki down to the doctors as she was having a bad time of it with her foot, she’d been awake all night because of the pain. Anyway it turns out that its all to do with her arthritis also the doctor says she must lose weight which as you probably know is easier said then done.

News from the village is that someone is proposing a wind farm in the area, there was a meeting about it the other day apparently, the first I heard about it was when someone who is planning on buying property here has had second thoughts and from what they were telling me is going to be looking to buy elsewhere. They are very nice people and wealthy so I hope they find somewhere to their liking without too much trouble. I think they will. With the money they have I’m surprised they wanted to buy here in the first place. The village is middling to good but the surrounding area is at best very average. I know if I hade a million to spend I wouldn’t be looking to spend it here.

Just in case you’ve been reading my other blog and wondering why I haven’t added anything to my journey this past few days don’t worry I intend to carry on with it, I’ve just been a bit busy going out and stuff that’s all.

Best wishes,


Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Was starting to wonder if there was going to be part 9 on your hike..
" Brodsworth" looks lovely all lit up, and I bet the pond and gardens looked beautiful with the changing of colours.
Its nearly Midnight so will be back tomorrow see if your next hiking episode is up...take care..

La Tea Dah said...

I wonder what they decided about the wind farm? We live near the 'supposed' world's largest wind farm. I can look out my living room window and see the windmills turning on the hillsides. They are quiet and efficient, so I don't mind them. It took awhile to get used to 'the look' of them at first, though. The towers and so large! You don't realize it until you are right next to them and standing nearby.