Monday, 22 October 2007

Over But Not Out.

It would seem that after saying yesterday that the formula one season had ended that may not be the fact after all as the Team that Lewis Hamilton drives for 'McLaren Mercedes' has decided to appeal a decision by the stewards who decided not to exclude the BMW and Williams teams for running with fuel that was thought to be below the 10 degree limit allowed in the regulations. Had they been excluded from the results then Lewis Hamilton would then gain extra points so making him the world champion. I really can't see the point in any of this, even if the court of appeal find in favour of McLaren Mercedes what pleasure can be had from winning in this sort of way. I'm never really in favour of celebrating second place but really, in this instance it's more commendable. For those who don't follow the sport I will just point out that Kimi Raikkonen drives for Ferrari and was not driving one of the cars that McLaren Mercedes seek to get excluded. As far as I'm concerned the best man won and I hope it stays that way.

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