Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Lost & Found.

Hello everyone, I'm a bit late tonight so I won't keep you long. I cleaned, polished and checked the car over in rediness for our holidays which start next weekend. It might seem like like I'm getting in front of myself but with it being virtually dark by the time I finish work I won't have time again before we go. Vicki has to work Saturdays in the shop and Fallon was away playing hockey, she plays in goal and is very good at it apparently, Her team won 3-1 today so anyway there was just me and the dogs home all day so I thought it a good time to get a few jobs done.

When I moved my desk around the other week I didn't bother to plug my memory card reader in as I have a new little gadget for reading my cards so I put the old one away but then today I wanted to put some music on to the memory card in my little hand held computer and I then remembered that I needed the old card reader for that card as its a different sort of card. Well could I find the darn card reader, could I heck as like. I tore the store room apart, I tore my computer room apart, then I went back and tore the store room apart some more but the darn thing was playing hide and seek right and proper. I mean, I wasn't that desperate to do the music today but the more I couldn't find the card reader the more determined I was to find it. Eventually I remembered that I put some of the computer stuff I didn't use in a seperate container so I went and took a look and there it was. Of cousre by then Vicki was home so I still never got the music downloaded yet so I think thats a job for tomorrow.



salina said...

I didn't even know you had this blog until today. I like it. I love the greenhouse. One day I plan to have one.:)
I hope that Vicki's foot is feeling better. My mom has a similar problem with her hip and she is also overweight. It's hard for some to get rid of it. It bothers me though cause she is only 52 and already has so many health problems. I love her so much and can't imagine anything happening to her.
Anyway, you have a great day!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. The greenhouse looks like its all ready wrapped to keep the winter chills out.. Ohh Bob dont forget to take the most important thing, "THe Camera" when you go on holidays so we can all see were youve posting some of my garden tonight .Take care