Saturday, 12 April 2008

Did You See Gardeners World

Hello everyone, are you having a good weekend. Mine is steady, I just did a few little jobs today and don’t plan on doing much more than that tomorrow.

Did any of you see ‘Gardeners World’ last night? It would be interesting to know what you thought about Joe and his allotment. I was worried last week when I advised anyone with an overgrown plot to just be patient and then spray it off, I needn’t have worried myself because after watching Joe rotovating couch grass I feel quite an expert. Believe me rotovating any such weeds as couch grass, bind weed etc. is one of the worse things out as it chops up all the roots and each chopped up piece becomes a separate plant. It will be interesting to see how that all turns out for him, I hope he has a plan.

Those of you who look in my sidebar will have seen a little tip telling you to pot up a few potatoes in pots, well below is a picture of how mine are getting on. As you can see there are potatoes starting to develop, it won’t be long now before there will be a boiling of new potatoes and apart from my time they are free because the potatoes were some that I found when I was digging over the veg garden, the soil is from mole hills on the green and then there is a bit of compost in the bottom.

In this next picture you will see my lettuce that I have growing an a grow bag. There are ten plants and they are looking well. I have some more coming on, they are in three inch pots and will probably just get planted out in to the garden - that’s if winter ever ends! Everything seems so far behind this year, even the grass isn’t growing as it should. This time last year I was getting five grass boxes full of grass out of the walled garden every week, this week when I cut it I got one and a half, I didn’t even bother doing the main garden or the courtyard.



Jim said...

Well Bob, you just have to have a green thumb. I know I could grow potatoes in a pot, except to have a fair sized plant without the potatoes.

Thank you for the link to the information about free land use in Ireland.
Last year we didn't venture on any fields, except we did stop and inspect some dug out slices of peat. We didn't have to climb a fence but did have to across the road ditch.

The Texas property laws say it is not illegal unless the land or building is posted "no treaspassing."
But any time the land owner can run the people off but won't get help from the law enforcement unless the person won't leave.
If the property is damaged the intruder can be sued in civil court for damages but no criminal charges unless the person won't leave or the land is posted.
We are leaving for our week in Ireland this Monday, very early.

Bob said...

Thats good Jim, I hope you all have a nice time and be sure to take plenty of pics.

Woody Wilbury said...

Rotovating couch grass & bindweed?

Crikey. I'm flabbergasted; that's just making an already bad situation a zillion times worse. He'll regret it once the sukebind starts growing!!!

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

You can almost see Joe Swift's fellow plotholders cringing!