Saturday, 21 June 2008

Thanks For My Presents & Best Wishes.

Hello everyone, Thanks Blackswamp_Girl, Lois and Merle for your best wishes. Not sure if I was being melancholy or what last night, just saying it the way it felt really. I didn't write the poem by the way, I just put it in the right place at the right time.

Anyway as you will see below I got some really nice presents for my birthday, this first one, a hand held Garmin satnav to take with me on my walks, this is from Vicki, I think she just wants to make sure I can find my way home! She also bought me a few other things too
This next present is from Fallon and is a portable keyboard for my PDA. It all works cordlessly you just sit the PDA on the stand at the back and it connects itself, no wires or anything which is very handy.

Below is a picture of what its like with the PDA in place. She didn't buy the PDA, I've had that a while now. She did buy me a bottle of whisky as well though.
Below is a picture of some new walking boots, my parents and sisters family have helped pay for those as a birthday present. I needed some new ones for my walk as my old leather ones were starting to wear out.
This next present is from Jo and David, its a very nice set which has already been put to good use at work, the pruners will be in more or less daily use and are very sharp so I had better watch my hand for sure!
I also got some cards from various people so thanks also for those and the email from Vicki's mum which was a nice surprise.


Matron said...

That keyboard looks like the lost enigma machine to me!!

Woody Wilbury said...

I've got a keyboard EXACTLY like that for my PDA (which is v similar to yours, same make, different model).

The keyboard is brilliant. I use it and the PDA on trains instead of lugging a laptop around and it always generates lots of interest. Adam Hart-Davis writes all his books on one of them.

PS - Happy Birthday, don't be glum, go shoot a pigeon!

Jim said...

Forgot to say, the book is probably on-line. That is a problem in itself, where do you put the paper clips?

Jim said...

Hey Bob, you are in high cotton, no, it's HIGH TECH! Happy Birthday late, sorry I didn't come arount a little earlier.

Now all you have to do is learn how to get the best out of that technology. I say 'read the book.'

Jeanette said...

A very Happy belated Birthday wishes Bob.
You must have been good you got some great gifts there the nav man so you wont get lost getting home and boots to keep your feet dry.
Im just having a brandy Cheers \_/ \_/ and many more birthdays to come..... Jen