Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Day 4 Grey Grey and more Gray

Day four on the Pennine Wet has been wet! Everyday so far has been wet but today it made a special effort. It showered all night so when I woke and it was dry I went to get packed up as quick ass I could before it started again but I was too late so went back in my tent to sit it out but it didn't stop so oit got to the point where I pressed on regardless or stayed put all day, so I pressed on.The da started with a big climb to the top of Malham Cove follwed by two more big climbs over Fountains Fell and then Penyghent. Fountains Fell was just a hard slog in driving rain, the wind was bitterly cold when I reached the top. By now the rain had found its way in to everywhere so to stop long on the top would have seen me perish from the cold so after phoning Vicki I pushed on back down and then up to Penyghent, at times a near vertical climb in heavy rain and strong wind. All this climbing was for no other reason than to get to my destination because all around there was heavy grey damp mist so no views to be had of any kind. I did manage to take a few pics but I don't know what they will turn out like as the camera was under restricted use because of the rain.When I went to pay for the site tonight the man at the farm seemed to think I'd been here before. He is right of course but he must either be thinking of someone else or have a really great memory because it was over 20 years since I stayed here, I didn't shatter his memories though.I had some bad news today, it seems that Vicki's boss can't manage without her all of next week so our holiday together is to be cut short which is a bit disappointing.If there was one word to sum up todays walking I would say that word is GREY. Its been draining of both body and mind, Its all part of the experience though.

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