Monday, 26 January 2009

Food For Thought.

First sighting of Malham Cove.
The path in to Malham Village.

Temp Low: 2C
Temp High: 7C
Feels Like: -2 to 8C
Percipitation: 1 mm
Wind Speed: 6 mph
Wind Direction: SW
UV Index: Low
Weather: Overcast and very still all day.


Subject: See to the sheep
Location: Field
Categories: Misc
Start: Mon 26/01/2009 08:30
End: Mon 26/01/2009 09:00
Duration: 30 minutes
Message: Entry No.317
1) Took across some hay.
2) Checked and counted the sheep.
3) Put out some minerals.

See to the greenhouses
Greenhouse & Con
Mon 26/01/2009 09:00
Mon 26/01/2009 10:15
1.25 hours
Entry No.318
Did some watering.

Break for tea
Mon 26/01/2009 10:15
Mon 26/01/2009 10:35
20 minutes
Entry No.319
Had 1 mug of tea.

Mulberry tree lawn
Walled Garden
Mon 26/01/2009 10:35
Mon 26/01/2009 12:35
2 hours
Entry No.320
Finished pruning the apple trees. (Note 1)

Break for lunch
Mon 26/01/2009 12:30
Mon 26/01/2009 13:30
1 hour
Entry No.321
Had 1 mug of tea, 4 cheese sandwiches and 3 jam tarts.

The East Wall
Walled Garden
Mon 26/01/2009 13:30
Mon 26/01/2009 14:00
30 minutes
Entry No.322
Finished off pruning the pear trees.

Cutting back
The East Wall
Walled Garden
Mon 26/01/2009 14:00
Mon 26/01/2009 14:30
30 minutes
Entry No.323
Trimmed the ivy on the east wall by the white gate.

Cutting back
Mulberry tree lawn
Walled Garden
Mon 26/01/2009 14:30
Mon 26/01/2009 15:50
80 minutes
Entry No.324
Cutting back the two Laurels in the shrub border.

Carting away.
Mulberry tree lawn
Walled Garden
Mon 26/01/2009 15:50
Mon 26/01/2009 16:30
40 minutes
Entry No.325
Carted to the burn pile some of the days rubbish.

Clean and put away the tools
Potting Shed
Mon 26/01/2009 16:30
Mon 26/01/2009 16:45
15 minutes
Entry No.326

Seeing to the sheep
Mon 26/01/2009 16:45
Mon 26/01/2009 17:00
15 minutes
Entry No.327
Took across some hay.

1) It seems I saved the worst until last as this particular tree was more difficult than all the others put together as there was not much pruning I could do with the secateurs and had to rely on the long arm pruner to do most of the work. It’s a handy tool to have and okay for a bit of pruning but it gets very tiring when it comes to doing a whole big tree.

Tools of the trade, step ladders and long arm pruner.

The business end.

2) Below is a sample of a news paper article I saw yesterday. As some of you will know I long ago adopted the head in the sand approach to the news regarding it as nothing more than brainwashing by both media and government but there are times like when visiting my parents that one can't avoid being subjected too it. Its not a bad thing though because after watching several news broadcasts and what have you I realise how blessed I am to have escaped the craving to be bombarded by so called news stories. The article below being one example of why I can't be bothered with it. You may be able to read some of it but just to give you an idea of what its about I will tell you the basics of it. Apparently the government are going to employ food police to go knocking on peoples doors at meal times to see what they're having to eat and if it doesn't meet with their approval you will be in for a lecture. The best part about it is, these people stand to earn up to £8 an hour which is more than either me or Vicki get for doing an honest days work. No doubt in time the government will introduce a tax on burger and chips to cover the cost of these wages.
To go with the article above here is an extract taken from 'Mail Online':

In a trial in six local authorities across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the officials have been recruited on full-time contracts to visit an estimated 24,500 homes dispensing dietary advice and tips on how best to reduce the estimated one-third of all food bought which is thrown away.
They will call at homes throughout the day, including lunchtimes and in the early evening, when many people will be busy preparing dinner.
If successful, the eight week trial could be rolled out to other authorities around the country.
Each official, dispatched to the streets after one day of training, will be paid between £7.43 and £8.49 per hour, with a bonus for working on a Saturday.
If all 25 million households in the UK were visited in the same way, 8,000 officials would be required at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.
to read the rest of the article go to

Jeanette If the Hyacinth bulbs you're trying to safe and grow another year are what have been grown in pots then I wouldn't bother to try because most likely they've been force and if so most likely won't ever come to much after that. What you need to do if you want Hyacinth in your garden is to buy the ordinary Hyacinth bulbs at planting time and put them straight in to the garden. When I grow them in pots I throw the bulbs away afterwards.

Sara No, the picture at the top of my blog is a place called Lanhydrock House in Cornwall I no longer post pictures of the gardens where I work out of respect for my employer if you did want to see a few pics though email me your address and I will forward a few for your private viewing.

The Weaver of Grass The summer house fire is inside the summer house. On a shoot day the beaters use the summer house to have their lunch so if its cold and I'm not doing much I light them a fire. 1 slice of malt bread! Thats no good!! Well I need the energy. I don't know if I have a sweet tooth or not, I just have it because its something from the garden that I can put on bed to make a sandwich. Come the summer I will be eating Tomatoes and Lettuce or beans and stuff so really its more to do with whats handy and whats home made rather than a taste for sweet things. Below is a picture from a post I did in the summer showing what I was having for lunch one particular day. I lived for a long time on what I could pick from the garden.
Katie I don't think there are any white Hyacinth growing this time. The ones that you see are being grown in a heated greenhouse so are well in advance of anything that would be growing outside. Of course with them being in a confined space the scent is very nice when you walk in to the greenhouse.


Sara said...

What a waste of government money! Food police - that is ridiculous! Why don't they use the money to help feed some hungry poor people? No wonder you are turned off by the news...

No need to send photos of your gardens, but thank you. I was just curious...

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob.. Another lovely set of photo's love the top one.. Beauiful photography...
Thanks for answering my queston. I must admit I have always planted hyacinths in pots or planters.. so I may try again in the ground...
I agree with Sara, What a terrible waste of money,, "FOOD POLICE'!!sticking there noises in to everyone private life..What next,TAXING YOU FOR BREATHING>>.
By the way Bob our forecast is 42c +
and low mid 20cs for the rest of the week Phewwwwww thank heavens for aircons...

Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ Thank you for the Australia Day wishes. the English
language can be very confusing.
I see you are still busy and the weather is cold. I have left an award for you at my blog, so hope you enjoy that. Take care,
Regards, Merle.

Dick said...

Hi Bob, thanks for your visit and comments on my blog. I know that I will be okay with Windows Vista- I have used it a bit on my laptop. What I get most upset about with it is my having to give my permission so often to do something that I've asked the machine to do! But, I guess the heightened security is one of the positive differences between Vista and XP and this is one of the penalties that go along with that.

I think your "food police" are going a bit overboard. Here in the USA now there is debate over requiring our auto industry to come up with cleaner, more fuel efficient cars by the 2011 model year. The nay-sayers are complaining about hitting the industry when it is already down. But, I think that is exactly what they need. That industry has tried to dictate to the consumer what "we" want and need for far too long. They don't seem to be able to see the hand writing on the wall, that what we really want are efficient cars that hold their value and don't break down in just a few years. Many foreign cars have done better than US made ones over the last few (many?) years but the lesson hasn't sunk in. The manufactures can make a lot more money on some giant 4-wheel drive truck that has 4 doors and weighs 6500 pounds than they can on a small, fuel efficient car. But now, they are not able to sell those giant trucks except for business use where the size is needed and they do not have the small car that people want in their product line to sell. Maybe it is a bit like an addict, and it takes a real hit upside the head to get their attention.

Maybe food will be next over on this side of the pond.

Dreadnought said...

Sara I could write a book on what I think about these people and the way they act but it just winds me up so I will say no more.

Jeanette Ha ha - I'm sure they thought about taxing people for breathing, they just haven't thought of a way to implement it yet. Did you know they're looking to put a higher tax on cell phones that have GPS, decent cameras or any other gadget that makes the phones worth having? So you see a breath tax might not be so far fetched after all.

Merle Thanks for the award and of course I will both enjoy it and appreciate the thought behind it - its very kind of you.

Dick What you say about the car makers is so true. We used to have several car manufactures here in the UK but now I don't think there are any worth talking about, apart from the foriegn car makers that have factories here. We were making cars that didn't work properly or last very long so that was it, people went elsewhere.

Josh and Jess said...

Love the photo of Malham Cove, it brings back fond memories... we spent a holiday in that area once; probably 10 years ago :)

Kind regards
Josh and Jess, Wellington/NZ