Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Malham Village. It was here that I met three girls doing the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, they pulled me over to enquiry as to where the campsite was. They were gutted to hear that it was somewhere up the road from where they had just come.

This is looking back to the campsite and was taken the next morning on the way to Malham Cove. The site is in the centre of the picture next to the farm.

Temp Low: 4C
Temp High: 8C
Feels Like: 3 to 6C
Precipitation: 1 mm
Wind Speed: 17 mph
Wind Direction: S
UV Index: Low
Weather: Overcast a very grey day.


Subject: See to the sheep
Location: Field
Start: Tue 27/01/2009 08:30
End: Tue 27/01/2009 09:00
Duration: 30 minutes
Message: Entry No.328
1) Took across some hay.
2) Put out some minerals.
3) Checked and counted the sheep.

Check round
Greenhouse & Conservatory
Tue 27/01/2009 09:00
Tue 27/01/2009 09:10
10 minutes
Entry No.329
Had a quick look around to make sure everything was in order.

Tidying up
Apple tree shrub border
Walled Garden
Tue 27/01/2009 09:10
Tue 27/01/2009 10:30
80 minutes
Entry No.330
1) Edged the grass.
2) Cleared off any weeds and rubbish.
3) Forked over the soil.

Break for tea
Tue 27/01/2009 10:30
Tue 27/01/2009 10:50
20 minutes
Entry No.331

Tidying up
Apple tree shrub border
Walled Garden
Tue 27/01/2009 10:50
Tue 27/01/2009 12:45
115 minutes
Entry No.332
See entry No. 330 for details.

Break for lunch
Tue 27/01/2009 12:45
Tue 27/01/2009 13:45
1 hour Entry No.333

Tidying up
Apple tree shrub border
Walled Garden
Tue 27/01/2009 13:45
Tue 27/01/2009 16:40
175 minutes
Entry No.334
See Entry No.330 for details.

Clean and put away the tools
Potting Shed
Tue 27/01/2009 16:40
Tue 27/01/2009 17:00
20 minutes
Entry No.335

I really can't think of anything noteworthy to write here so I will press on to your comments.

Sara I could write a book on what I think about these people and the way they act but it just winds me up so I will say no more.

Jeanette Ha ha - I'm sure they thought about taxing people for breathing, they just haven't thought of a way to implement it yet. Did you know they're looking to put a higher tax on cell phones that have GPS, decent cameras or any other gadget that makes the phones worth having? So you see a breath tax might not be so far fetched after all.

Merle Thanks for the award and of course I will both enjoy it and appreciate the thought behind it - its very kind of you.

Dick What you say about the car makers is so true. We used to have several car manufactures here in the UK but now I don't think there are any worth talking about, apart from the foriegn car makers that have factories here. We were making cars that didn't work properly or last very long so that was it, people went elsewhere.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Malham is a lovely place, Bob and the cover is spectacular, particularly when the peregrine falcons are nesting there. We go sometimes in Summer but always early in the week as it is heaving at weekends. Keep up the gardening on your blog, I so enjoy it.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Malham looks a nice tidy place I cant get over how green the fields are over there.

Another scorcher here 43c today and only expect to get down to 30c tonight im nealing melting..LOL. My the way Ive left an award at my place for you . I hope you can pop by and pic it up….. Jen

Jim said...

Hi Bob, I have just settled down after reading your article about the food police. One good thing if they work it right is to help cut down on the obesity that is running rampant.
My mind went kind of wild here. If they aren't allowed to come in can they go to a judge to get a search warrant. That is how we would do that in the U.S.
This sounds like a job for retired teachers. I think it will be a long time coming here.
Thank you for the article link.

All those pictures are making me want to return. The last two years Mrs. Jim and I came to the Isles in the spring.

Dreadnought said...

The Weaver of Grass Yes I can imagine what it must be like on a weekend.I will try and keep on posting from my work book.

Jeanette Thanks for the award Jeanette, thats very kind of you to think of me. We had a lot of rain last summer so that helped to keep things so green and fresh.

Jim No I don't think they will be allowed in to your house unless invited, I think its more of an educational thing than anything else. Also apart from telling you what is good to eat they also advise on sell by dates on the food and food wastage in general and how to avoid being wasteful. I think a better way would be to bring back world war two food rationing for a while then people will educate themselves or starve. I guess with my ideas I will never make it to Prime Minister hey!! Hopefully one day you will get to visit again Jim.

Merle said...

Dear Bob ~~ I am glad you are pleased with the award, and of course it's OK to post it over the weekend. I hope it isn't the same one as Jeanette gave you.
You keep busy all year around in that garden as well as checking the sheep. Take great care, Regards, Merle.