Thursday, 22 January 2009



The Leeds Liverpool canal near East Marton.

Canal locks at Gargrave.

Temp Low: 4C
Temp High: 9C
Feels Like: -1 to 6C
Percipitation: 5 mm
Wind Speed: 30 mph
Wind Direction: N
UV Index: Low
Weather: Rain at first becoming brighter.


SUBJECT: See to the sheep
START: Thu 22/01/2009 08:30
FINISH: Thu 22/01/2009 09:00
DURATION: 30 minutes
NOTES: Entry No.295
1) Took across some hay.
2)Checked and counted the sheep.

Making out the flower seed order
Thu 22/01/2009 09:00
Thu 22/01/2009 11:30
2.5 hours
Entry No.296
Ordered the same as last year except I deleted a packet of Impatiens and order a packet of bedding Dahlias in its place. (Note 1)

Break for tea
Thu 22/01/2009 11:30
Thu 22/01/2009 11:45
15 minutes
Entry No.297
1 mug of tea and 3 short bread biscuits.

Long Walk Steps
Walled Garden
Thu 22/01/2009 11:45
Thu 22/01/2009 12:45
1 hour Entry
Pruning the apple tree.

Break for lunch Home
Thu 22/01/2009 12:45
Thu 22/01/2009 13:30
45 minutes
Entry No.299
1 mug of tea, 4 Mulberry jam sandwiches and 3 mince pies.

Long Walk Steps
Walled Garden
Thu 22/01/2009 13:30
Thu 22/01/2009 15:00
1.5 hours
Entry No.300
Finished pruning the apple tree.

Mulberry tree lawn
Walled Garden
Thu 22/01/2009 15:00
Thu 22/01/2009 16:30
1.5 hours
Entry No.301
Made a start on pruning the apple trees by the Mulberry tree lawn.

Clean and put away the tools
Potting Shed
Thu 22/01/2009 16:30
Thu 22/01/2009 16:45
15 minutes
Entry No.302

Seeing to the sheep
Thu 22/01/2009 16:45
Thu 22/01/2009 17:00
15 minutes
Entry No.303
Took some more hay to the sheep.

1) The guy at the garden centre said that if we have another summer like the last it could cause serious problems with Impatiens which suffered from a virus last year so I thought I would try some dwarf Dahlia's instead.
2) Whilst pruning the apple tree by the steps I noticed growing from a branch some Mistletoe. The boss said he put some seeds on the apple trees a couple of years ago but no one has seen anything of it until now so I am quite pleased about that.

Jeanette Yes I do have plenty more, I'm not even half way to Scotland yet! When the pics were taken that I put on the last post it was thundering and lightening all around so I had to put a spurt on to try and get to Lothersdale before I got another soaking, thankfully I was lucky and just managed to get my tent up in time.

The Weaver of Grass This is the time of year to get all these kind of jobs done because the last thing I want to be doing is playing catch up in Spring. Yes the Pennine Way is a great walk even though it was very wet when I did it last July.

Red Clover I'm glad what I said about the Dahlia's was a help to you. Now I've said all that they will probably turn out rubbish this year LOL!


Matron said...

That's wonderful finding mistletoe! I tried to push some seeds into a slit in the bark of my apple trees years ago, nothing came of it. I think it is like holly in that you have to have both a male and female plant in order to get berries. Any idea what sex it is yet??

Trixie said...

I don't understand why you would want to plant mistletoe! Here it is a parasite and kills the host trees. It also is the "state floral emblem" of my state -- Oklahoma -- because it is so persistent. Around here, if you have mistletoe you also have dying trees as it prefers less vigorous trees as the hosts.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have always found dahlias (bedding type) much easier to germinate than impatiens and really the colourful display you get is not so different. I always think dahlias are a bit more "in your face" and a little less subtle in colour - but gosh they don't half cheer up a dull day!
Like you photo of Gargrave (not so far from here) the grass looks so manicured and the whole place looks too neat to be true. I see the mulberry jam is still in favour.

Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;
That is cool about the mistletoe, I had no idea you could do this...or that the seeds could lie dormant for so long and then suddenly pop to life.

Nice to catch up on you my friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Jim said...

Hi Bob, I like where you're going on the Pennine Way than through the high lands. Things are a lot prettier now.
We have mistletoe in some othe oak trees here. It grew in El Paso too, near the Rio Grande. I would take my Vespa with a little ladder strapped on and go mistletoe rustling.
This year a couple of little boys came to the door selling pieces wrapped in white ribbons to use for Christmas decorations.

Yes, I was teasing. I saw the cars parked on the road near your tent. They must have been campers and not hikers.

I liked the eats you made for yourself. You may have a sweet tooth. Do you like those chocolate biscuits? We like them the best and always bring some home with us. Our 'British Store' has them but it is about 65 miles away down in Houston.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,Your weather looks like its getting a little warmer 9C..and the walk along the Canals looks so pretty and peacefull. we had 34ctoday.. I didnt know you could plant mistletoe on a host tree..but then ive never seen it here..only heard of it at Christmas time...
Avagoodweekend with a cold tinnie or 2 Bob....

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Emily Brontes novel Withering Heights so it was so neat to see those pictures you posted associated with it. What a lovely place Top Withens is. Also love the Leads Liverpool Canal picture. Would be such perfect place to go for a walk just to soak up all that beauty.
Take care!

Dreadnought said...

Matron I think the boss put in many seeds and this is the only one that took. No I don't know what sex it is but I think it looks like its going to lead a lonely life as I don't see any more growing anywhere.

Trixie I don't think its that common here, I've never seen any growing before.I guess its up to the boss if it kills the tree as they're his trees and I reckon he will value the novelty of the Mistletoe more than the apples he gets from the tree.

The Weaver of Grass Yes for sure I think the Dahlia's will be easier to get going also you get more seed for your money. I think the colour I ordered are a lilac colour. Ha the Mulberry jam is still in favour because there is still some left in the jar. It is nice though.

Kimmie I don't know how long the seed lay dormant for, it may have taken me until just now to see the plant.

Jim I think the cars belonged to people going to the shop/off licence, there were just three other campers on site that night and they all walked there. I do like the chocolate biscuits and often have a couple with my morning tea. The scenery was changing all the time on the Pennine Way, its actually harder to find your way when you get down in the valley compared to on the hills.

Jeanette Ha ha - you're right there, it was a heatwave yesterday and no mistake!

Dreadnought said...

salina The beauty of the canal is that its all level walking and also you can often find a little cafe along the way.