Thursday, 15 January 2009

Signs Of The Pennine Way.

Very tempting.

Off licence, camping AND first aid, what more could one ask for?

(Note 3)

My tent pitched at May's Aladdin's Cave

Temp Low: 5C
Temp High: 6C
Feels Like: -3 to -1C
Precipitation: 4mm
Wind Speed: 51 mph
Wind Direction: S
UV Index: Low
Weather: Cloudy with a little rain and breezy.

15/01/2009 08:30
15/01/2009 08:55
Attending to the sheep
1) Took across some hay. 2) checked and counted the sheep. 3) Put out some minerals.
15/01/2009 08:55
15/01/2009 10:35
Walled Garden
Made a start on pruning the pear trees on the east wall.
15/01/2009 10:35
15/01/2009 11:00
Break for tea.
1 mug of tea.
15/01/2009 11:00
15/01/2009 12:45
Walled Garden
Continued to prune the pear trees.
15/01/2009 12:45
15/01/2009 13:30
Break for lunch
1 mug of tea, 2 tomato sandwiches, 2 Mulberry jam sandwiches and 3 mince pies. (Note 1).
15/01/2009 13:30
15/01/2009 14:30
Walled Garden
Clearing up
Clearing up the prunings from the pear trees.
15/01/2009 14:30
15/01/2009 15:50
Main Garden
Tidying up
The dogs had ripped 8 holes in the lawn whilst trying to kill a hedgehog so I had to try and patch them up a bit.
15/01/2009 15:50
15/01/2009 16:30
Walled Garden
Put a new edge on one of the pieces of grass by the rose garden.
15/01/2009 16:30
15/01/2009 16:45
Potting Shed
Clean and put away the tools
15/01/2009 16:45
15/01/2009 17:00
See to the bins
Put back the black bins, after standing in the courtyard for a week they finally came to empty them today.


1) The Tomatoes were home grown from the greenhouse.
2) I think I'm getting on top of my computer problems so hopefully I will be back to normal soon.
3) For those that don't know I will just explain that an 'Off Licence' is a shop that has a licence to sell alcohol

Sara I'm glad you keep on coming back Sara, its always nice to see my friends and if none of you ever came to look there would be no point in putting any pics on at all so please visit as often as you like.

Jeanette Don't worry about the bridge, its been there hundreds of years and will probably be there hundreds more, its very solid. When it gets that hot here Tom is in for a hard time cos we don't have fans so he would have to got to school to learn how to stand by me and fan me with his big bushy tail so it would be a long night for Tom!

Mad Bush Farm Crew Animals can drink a lot of water when the weather is hot. When I was on the farm I also ended up carting water around in very cold weather because all the outside troughs were frozen solid so I had to cart water to the troughs with the water tanker.


Sara said...

Thanks for explaining "off licence", I would have asked....

I love the Bronte's! How cool that they once walked on those paths. Your photos are exactly how I pictured the scenery in many of their stories. Makes sense.

Matron said...

Oh dear! what happened to the hedgehog? did it survive? I remember my dog got a snout full of spikes and got covered in fleas last time he tried? How are Tippy and Tom?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Mulberry jam? Sounds marvellous have never had any.
Hope the hedgehog escaped - what was it doing out at this time of the year - we have many in hibernation in our hay barn - they will not be about for another two months.
The Pennine way comes fairly close to us and often friends stay with us when doing the whole thing.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

What a great place Bob. My kids keep seeing all your photos and asking when we can go and visit. I told them I'd have to have a huge mortgage if we wanted to do that. We have quite a few B&B's around our way and off course an off-licence so I knew what you were talking about there. Glad my troughs don't get frozen in winter. We get ice on the cars though on a really cold winter's morning. That's as cold as I'd ever like it to get thanks. Have a great day today.

All the best

Jim said...

Hi Bob. It was good you could pitch your tent to where you parked the car. ;-)

I have started to blog again now after a two week break (did put on a poem on the other blog yesterday). I hope I can keep up now but it may still be going slow for me.
-->So come see me at Jim's Little Blog <--

Carla said...

I'm surprised that you have home grown tomatoes at this time of year, even in a green house. I guess the climate is a little more chilly here. My father started his tomato plants this week, but they won't go out until probably May.

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

I shall drop by yours again soon

best wishes,

Red Clover said...

May I inquire as to how big the rose garden is? And along those you have a favorite flower to work with?

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob.Its nice to see the Green country side, Our Counry side is so brown and dry ,( A bush fire waiting to happen),I said our Temp got to 43c the otherday My daughter informed me last night we had the hottest in the state of Victoria was 46c.. Phhheww dont need that heat,, forecast for Monday 39+c...
Now I must say your lunch sounded very tasty Home grown tomatoes and Mulberry Sandwiches..
I had Home grown tomatoes on toast for Breakfast the flavour so nice... Take care Keep warm... Jen

Dreadnought said...

Sara Tomorrow all being well I will include some pictures of Top Withins farm house which is where its thought Wuthering Heights came from in the book written by the Bronte's

Matron Tippy and Tommy are doing fine both are enjoying an afternoon nap at the moment. The boss said that the hedgehog escaped, if the dogs did get fleas then its nothing more than they deserve as they are terrible pests in the garden.

The Weaver of Grass I've never had it before, its another one of Vicki's wonderful creations. I don't think the hedgehog intended being out, knowing those two dogs they went and woke it up.

Mad Bush Farm Crew The farm was a thousand feet above sea level so we got quite extreme weather if there was any around so I think that's why we got frozen up so badly sometimes. Travelling anywhere these days seems to be getting harder. It seems to me that the more times goes on the more backward we become. There is certainly a long way to go before Startrek become reality, I doubt it ever will the way things are going.

Jim I'm glad to see you're back okay and didn't hit any icebergs or anything, now that would have been a worry considering where you went! I already enjoyed looking at you pics and reading the account of your trip so far. I don't know if you were joking when you said about being able to camp close to the car park but the walk I'm post pics of is the long walk I did last summer so there was definitely no cars around, not that belonged to me anyway.

Carla Thank you for popping by. I realised after I read your comment that no one can see the pics of my tomatoes growing anymore so I will post a picture of them which was taken in December just as they were starting to ripen. I must point out that the greenhouse has heating so they are kept pretty warm.

Annie Wicking You're welcome to the visit, I am prone to blog wandering sometimes although I don't always comment - I am a man of few words.

Red Clover Mmmm, I think the easiest way to answer that is to send you a picture as for my fav flower to work with I think I would say Dahlia's. The reason for that is that they are easy to grow, flower non stop from last frost to the first frost, don't seem to mind whether the summer is wet or dry, There size range is from miniature to massive both with regard to the plant size and flower size, they are really easy to propagate from cuttings and the range of colours seem to be just about infinite, of course the biggest drawback to Dahlia's is getting them though the Winter. I have lots of favourite plants but if I could only grow one kind it would be Dahlia's.

Jeanette I don't like the sound of fire, that must be a real worry. I can't imagine it being that hot.