Sunday, 18 January 2009

Too Hot To Imagine.

Temp Low: 2C
Temp High: 4C
Feels Like: -5 to 2C
Precipitation: 3mm
Wind Speed: 48 mph
Wind Direction: SW
UV Index: Low
Weather: Mostly sunny.

My work book is a bit limited today with it being a Sunday so instead I will reply to your comments which you have kindly left me.
Sara Tomorrow all being well I will include some pictures of Top Withins farm house which is where its thought Wuthering Heights came from in the book written by the Bronte's
Matron Tippy and Tommy are doing fine both are enjoying an afternoon nap at the moment. The boss said that the hedgehog escaped, if the dogs did get fleas then its nothing more than they deserve as they are terrible pests in the garden.
The Weaver of Grass I've never had it before, its another one of Vicki's wonderful creations. I don't think the hedgehog intended being out, knowing those two dogs they went and woke it up.
Mad Bush Farm Crew The farm was a thousand feet above sea level so we got quite extreme weather if there was any around so I think that's why we got frozen up so badly sometimes. Travelling anywhere these days seems to be getting harder. It seems to me that the more times goes on the more backward we become. There is certainly a long way to go before Startrek become reality, I doubt it ever will the way things are going.
Jim I'm glad to see you're back okay and didn't hit any icebergs or anything, now that would have been a worry considering where you went! I already enjoyed looking at you pics and reading the account of your trip so far. I don't know if you were joking when you said about being able to camp close to the car park but the walk I'm post pics of is the long walk I did last summer so there was definitely no cars around, not that belonged to me anyway.
Carla Thank you for popping by. I realised after I read your comment that no one can see the pics of my tomatoes growing anymore so I will post a picture of them which was taken in December just as they were starting to ripen. I must point out that the greenhouse has heating so they are kept pretty warm.

Annie Wicking You're welcome to the visit, I am prone to blog wandering sometimes although I don't always comment - I am a man of few words.
Red Clover Mmmm, I think the easiest way to answer that is to send you a picture as for my fav flower to work with I think I would say Dahlia's. The reason for that is that they are easy to grow, flower non stop from last frost to the first frost, don't seem to mind whether the summer is wet or dry, There size range is from miniature to massive both with regard to the plant size and flower size, they are really easy to propagate from cuttings and the range of colours seem to be just about infinite, of course the biggest drawback to Dahlia's is getting them though the Winter. I have lots of favourite plants but if I could only grow one kind it would be Dahlia's.
Jeanette I don't like the sound of fire, that must be a real worry. I can't imagine it being that hot.


The Weaver of Grass said...

What variety are those tomatoes, Bob?
Years ago we used to grow Moneymaker - we always put the seed in on Boxing day. Our heating system was solid fuel and we used to set the alarm and get up to stoke up in the early hours. We had a fantastic crop - couldn't do it now - we were young and keen then!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. "Too Hot To Imagine."
its Freezing there.
Its 11.30am and its already 32.8c a hot few days on its way ..
All the clubs have to suppy plenty of ice water during the game and on the tables when we come in for lunch..Most have bars were you can buy a coldy if you wish, Theres a few of us that wait till we get back to our own club then have a couple of coldies while waiting for next weeks teams to go up on the board...

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

That tomato plant looks like it's determined to hang in there Bob and those tomatoes look delicious. Mine have been suffering from the heat so I've mulched around the base of them with shredded paper which has helped greatly. Just reading Jeanette's comment I hope there aren't any major bushfires in Victoria haven't read of any but this time of year Australia can have some very bad fires. I do dehorn my cattle except for the last five because my mother wouldn't let me. The vet is coming soon to dehorn the whole lot now Grandma has realised horns are dangerous!

all the best

Merle said...

Hello Bob ~~ Sorry I haven't been by recently. The very hot weather gets to me and makes me tired (and cranky)Glad things are going well for you and you are still counting the sheep and feeding them and always plenty to do in the garden. We had a day of 43C about 109 F last week and it killed all my beans just starting to flower. So I pulled them out. A hydrangea got very burnt also, but may recover. Should have covered them, more concerned about surviving myself.
Take care Bob, Best wishes, Merle.

Dreadnought said...

The Weaver of Grass I'm not sure what variety the Tomatoes are, they are actually rooted sideshoots from the ones I grew last summer and as I grew a few different kinds I can't really say. I remember when I first started gardening they had the solid fuel boiler to heat the greenhouses. In some ways I wish it was a solid fuel boiler here as it used to be in the potting shed so would have been nice and warm in there back in the old days. I don't think I would miss looking after the boiler though because as you say it was a bit of a chore.

Jeanette I'm guessing now that Coldies are beer or lager?

Mad Bush Farm Crew I find that grass cuttings from the lawn make a good mulch provided you haven't treated the lawn with weedkiller. I use a lot of grass cutting around the bottoms of the Raspberries and they seem to love it.

Merle Thats okay, just pop in when you have a minute. Its a shame your beans died but as you say its better for them to suffer than yourself. I often wondered why they have the V8 Supercar season in your Winter because most of the motor sport here is done during the summer months but I guess if you have that sort of heat it wouldn't be possible to race a car in it so I reckon that answers my question.