Saturday, 20 June 2009

Old Hoe & Pendulum Hoe.

I don't have much time to spend on here today as its my birthday and we're going back home for the weekend when Vicki gets finished work. However I will just finish off the series on my hoes ready to start on something different for next week. I'm not going to rate these hoes and only show them out of interest. The first one is the very first hoe I bought back in 1971 and as you can probably tell it hasn't had a great deal of use mainly because its what I call a negative hoe in that it keeps skipping out of the ground due to the angle of the blade pointing sky wards. For this hoe to work for me I would need to be about seven and a half foot tall. I guess if I shortened the shaft a lot it might work for me but when I already have the perfect hoe there is not much incentive to try and make this one work.

The second hoe I can't rate yet simply because its new to me this year so need to test it more to see how it last. It seems to work well enough. The bold claim for this hoe is that it deters slugs and snails because of the copped blade. This type of hoe is called a Pendulum Hoe due to the fact that the head pivots back and forth as you use it so no matter whether you're pushing or pulling it's always positive and bites in to the ground. It has a sharp blade and is good for working between rows and around plants.


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Bob!

EB said...

Happy Bithday! And what an odd contraption that last hoe is.