Sunday, 21 November 2010

Shopping Trip Is Canceled.

Today we had all planned on going out for a meal followed by a trip to the shops but Vicki has been taken ill due we think to something she eat at her sisters. Is seems that they too are afflicted by the same stomach complaint. so as things stand she is in the armchair by the fire and only place we are going when she feels up to it is back home.

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Sara said...

Poor Vicki. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Merle said...

Hi Rob ~~ i hope Vicki is soon feeling better also your sister and family.
You must have been lucky to miss out.
Thanks for your comment about my flowers and the Peace Lily. It demands water
every second day lately, or it wilts.
I have mostly pelargoniums because I like them so much and they are brilliant this year ass we had good rain and warm weather
at the right time. Take care, Regards,