Thursday, 13 January 2011

Heatwave 2.

Its the hottest day of the year and what am I doing? Digging! I must be barmy. Today the temperature rose by another 2 degrees to 13C. If it keeps going up like this I will be planting the Dahlia's out next week.

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Sara said...

I wish we'd have a heat wave here...although then my dogs would be filthy. Snow keeps them nice and clean.

Louellen Lawson said...

I love technology. I can sit at my kitchen table, drinking coffee, on a very cold Indiana morning and pop on over to Rob's blog and see what is happening in his part of the world. I can almost smell that dirt. When I work with plants and things (not the gardener YOU are), I love the smell of the dirt.
What is barmy?
Can't wait til warmer weather to see what grows in your gardens.
Have a wonderful day.

Merle said...

Hi Rob ~~Wow that isn't too bad for a
Winter temperature 13C is about 55F.
Do you use Celsius in Britain? we do.
We had one very hot day on 1sr Jan - it was 35.5 but it is Summer here.
Instead we have all this darn rain
and floods which were horrific in
Queensland, coming down through New
South Wales and Victoria. So it is
all on it's head as you said. We do
not usually have much rain in summer
nor humidity. Can't do much about it. I think I am safe here.
Take care my friend, Regards, Merle