Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A view from the village.

Today has been another day spent doing work in the greenhouse and potting shed. I also did some repair work on the old conservatory. One of the main structural pieces has become rotten and is due to be replaced. Because its rotten it isn't supporting the glass properly which has left a big hole in the roof which is not what you want at this time of year when you are trying to get plants to grow so I set to and made it so that the glass could be put back in place until it can be repaired properly.

The greenhouse work was mainly repotting plants that I was intending moving in the conservatory. They have to pass through the potting shed on the way to the conservatory so they may as will stop off and get potted up along the way if they are in need of it. I also potted on some cuttings, I have some more to pot up some time.

Marguerite cuttings.

Tonight when I was out with Tommy I took this picture of the village for you. We don't usually go this way but with all the rain the tracks are very muddy so we went though the village instead.


HORIZON said...

Lovely stone in your village with red roof tiles. We tend to see more red tiles on the east coast.
I love it when we drive down through all the English counties on the way to Cornwall- different coloured stone, tall chimneys, high hedges, church steeples, poplar trees- l just love all the variety - the colours and shapes.
Marguerites look good too ;)
Fed up here with soggy weather here too- heard tomorrow will be nice for us all- fingers crossed!

Sara said...

Your village is so pretty. No McDonald's in sight :)

Your Marguerites look so healthy.

Amy Wood said...

Sorry to hear your regular route is muddy. At least you have a nice alternative to walk through the village. It looks like a very nice place.
Your Marguerites look fantastic.

Theanne and Baron said...

Busy, busy as always! I always wanted a greenhouse...a real one, not one made out of plastic. How wonderful to be able to work in one! The village is quite lovely!

Louellen Lawson said...

The village is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)

Darlene said...

Thank you so much for the lovely glimpse of the village! Some adore coastlines and beaches but I dream about cottages and laneways *sigh*.

Matron said...

Oh to live in a village!.. I am surrounded by another 6 million Londoners here!! I suppose I am a country girl at heart.