Friday, 29 April 2011

Did you see it?

I wonder did any one watch the royal wedding? Did any of you actually go to London to watch it? Did you enjoy it? I liked the trees in the church.

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Sara said...

I watched it! Wish I could have been there in person to feel the energy of the city.

I loved the trees too, and really loved Kate's bouquet. It looked like it was handsnipped from someone's garden and handed to her...but I'm sure a lot more work went into it.

Kimmie said...

Did they bring those trees daughter mentioned the trees too. We were watching it as we got ready to go out (it was on at 5 am here)to our homeschool convention (for next years school books).

I thought the ceremony was very beautiful, but I'd have to say very wasteful. Certainly it is a big deal to have a Prince married, but with so many poor, homeless and such (never mind orphans)...I think it was a bit much.

I wish we had royalty here...somehow President Obama just isn't the same. I think he didn't even make the invite list (right?)

Kate is a beauty and she will make a fine addition to the royal family.


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Matron said...

I must admit that I adore the scent of Lily of the Valley. I noticed that the men had buttonholes! I also heard later that there were strawberry plants in flower all over the abbey! Maybe someont there had been reading my blog!!!

Louellen Lawson said...

We loved the trees in the church. We watched the 'Dateline" episode on TV last night. My dau. set her alarm for 5 a.m. to watch it on the computer live but her 'volume' button for the radio was turned off, so she missed the real deal, but has surfed the net since then catching up on all of the do-dads. They look to be a very lovely couple.