Saturday, 28 May 2011

I must be doing something right!

Hello everyone, I haven't done a post for a while due mainly to me playing with dogs and resting when they decided to let me.

Things are going well with Tess, as I say there has been lots of fun and games, that seems to be what a puppies life is all about, play hard, sleep and eat - oh yes, and grow. She is shooting up just in the short time that we've had her.

During the past week she has been practicing tug with Tommy who thinks it's  great fun, and one game can last for quite some time before Tess gets fed up and lets go. She is going after the ball whenever someone throws it and will sometimes fetch it back but that part is probably more luck than anything at the moment.

Today she watch a whole session of Formula One qualifying without being a fidget bum which is quite something, we left getting the beer in to Tommy just for now though.

Also this week I have been getting her used to the harness and lead, she can't go for proper walks yet so we have just been taking a little walk on the grass at the back of the house. It's just to get her used to walking and things around her. I don't find the harness very good for controlling her but the vet said to use it rather than the collar for the time being as it won't hurt her neck with her being so small. She goes okay with the harness as long as she is leading but when I want her to go where I want to go she just lays down, but it's early days so it's okay.

She has also learned to come down the stairs this week which is a bit scary to watch. She also whines in the night, which I take as meaning she wants to go outside. I don't know if that is what she wants by whining but it seems to work so far because we've only had a couple of little accidents at night since we had her. This usually happens around 3 am.

Tess at the top of the stairs.
Two tired doggies - I must be doing something right!


grouchy said...

How cute! I type this as my other half is playing fetch with a ten year old corgi in the living room. Both seem to be tireless!

She has a beautiful face

Bella said...

Hi Rob,
Tess is a beauty!! There is nothing more fun than a puppy in the spring (anytime is good).
I had a golden retriever years ago, when she was a pup she would go up the stairs but it took her a long time to learn to come down. I would come home from work and she would be sitting on the top step whining each night to come back down:-)) She was the sweetest:-)
Enjoy that sweet pup!

Theanne and Baron said...

Love the picture of Tommy and sounds likes she's coming along just fine! Bravo!

Sara said...

Awww. Such a cute photo.

I've been using a harness with Chewy for the past four weeks. Just this week he started allowing me to lead. Before, he would sit and refuse to move!I'm sure Tess will figure it all out soon too.

Wyatt said...

Take lots of pictures, they grow up soooo fast! Sounds like Tess is fitting right in.

Wyatt and Stanzie

Gail said...

You will have an award on my blog tomorrow.

Enjoy, you do not have to follow the rules, just thought it may send more people your way for a visit.

Darlene said...

My daughter and I are so enjoying your shots of Tommy and Tess. And do you know that Deacon will still wake me up every now and then around 2:30 am for a trip to the loo! I don't really mind but he falls right back to sleep while I stare at the ceiling for another hour.

Emily C. said...

Fourmula One! AHHHHHH. hhaha. And your dogs are soo cute!