Saturday, 21 May 2011

Playing tug with uncle Tommy.

This past week Tess has kept herself amused by swinging on Tommy's tail and using him as a bouncy castle, not always to Tommy's amusement, but last night she found a game much more to Tommy's liking, below is a short video of one of their tug of war games.

It was nice to see Tommy played nicely and gave her a chance because he is quite capable of just picking her up and walking off if he wanted to.

Yesterday Vicki had her sister and niece with their little girl here for the day so there was lots going off but Tess took it in her stride although she was quite tired by it all but I always think seeing a tired Border Collie is a good sight - seeing any puppy tired is a good sight, it means you can take a rest yourself.

Today Tess is going on her first road trip - well, apart from the one she took getting here. We are off to see my parents who live about an hours drive away, I think she is in for another big day, I will let you know how it goes.


Gail said...

This is fantastic!!! You can see by Tommy's eyes, he is trying to be gentle but not quite sure if he is doing it right.

Love the voice, beautiful.

Sara said...

Beautiful! Doesnt it just fill your heart up when you see that? Tommy is so sweet and gentle with Tess. Dogs can have a lot of patience with those rambunctious puppies.

Hope Tess enjoys her adventure today.

sagechronicles said...

It's always so much fun seeing them play together. Sage learned so much from her older brother, as I'm sure Tess will!!

Emily C. said...

Tess and Tommy are sooo cute! :D Hope Tess will enjoy her first road trip! :)

Theanne and Baron said...

Hi Rob, the video was awesome! Tess and Tommy playing tug of war...absolutely perfect. He was such a gentleman and yet he ended up with the rope ;) Yes a tired puppy is a wonderful thing...and I'm sure much more so for the Border Collie puppy. Time for Tess to learn about riding in a vehicle...I know the day will go well. Look forward to hearing about the road trip!

Kristin G. said...

They're so cute together! I hope you all enjoy the trip and visit.