Saturday, 14 May 2011


Look what we've got! She has been have a good explore round the house ever since got back.

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Merle said...

Dear Rob ~~~ How nice for you to have a new puppy and I am sure Tess will be very happy with you. How does Rommy like her?
Thank you so much for your comments on Peter's updates on my health.
I went in for a day procedure and got home 4 weeks later unale to walk without a walking frame. I am doing exercises to get my strength back and get rid of the frame.Thanks for your comments on my 2 posts and for the welcome home.I am doing better each day.
I do hope that Vicki will be OK with her skin cancer. We get a lot of it over here as it's hotter.
Will be thinking of you both. Take care dear friend and thanks again.
Very best wishes, Merle.