Sunday, 31 July 2011

Brodsworth Hall.

Today we are going for a little visit to Brodsworth Hall gardens which is just down the road from us. I'm taking loads of pics so your too can enjoy the visit.

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Flyball was good.

Our first visit to flyball went well this morning. Tess was a bit overwhelmed at first, as both the people and the dogs were very noise which frightened her but once she got used to all that and the strange surroundings she was better and took more interest in what was happening. Alison who is the lady in charge gave us a few little goes and I think its going to be a bigger job to train me than Tess as she seemed to pick it up quite well considering all the distractions and it being her first time as well. We came away with an invite to return and some homework as well. Even though we didn't really do much we both came home tired.
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Off to flyball.

We are about to leave for flyball with Less, I will let you know how we go on later.

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Friday, 29 July 2011

White earn

I took this picture of one of the earns this morning and thought I would share it with you - it would after all be a shame to keep it to myself.

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Cleaning up.

Today my main job will be to clear up all the hedge trimmings. I usually do it as I go but I decided to get the trimming all done while I had the tools for the job out.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Free as a bird now.

We will always remember you Tippy.

Free as a bird now.

We will always remember you Tippy.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hide and seek on the beach.

Can you help Tommy to find Tippy?
I know she's out there somewhere.
Here's a clue.
I've spent most of today trimming more hedges, I have most of them done now, there are just the two big conifer hedges that make up the memorial gardens but I can't cut those without the tower and that seems to be missing at the moment so they will have to wait for now.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Early ripening.

Whilst tying in the growth on the blackberries today I noticed how they are turning colour already, this seems very early to me as I tend to think of them as a September fruit, especially as these are growing on a north facing wall.

Most of today has been spent trimming hedges, the one you see in the picture is a Holly hedge. You can get away with clipping Holly ever other year but I prefer to do it every year as it looks better when trimmed also it's not such a big job. By the way if any of you plan on doing any hedge cutting it can be worth checking round for wasp nests as they often like such places to live and the last thing you want is to discover a nest while you're at the top of the step ladders or even standing on one while on the ground.
I just had a phone call from my parents asking if they can come and stay the weekend, they are obviously more than welcome to do so. I remembered afterwards though I am due to take Tess to see about flyball this Saturday so I will have to work something out about that.

I took my weather station apart the other day to give it a overhaul as various parts of it weren't working properly so I just got finished putting it back together now, I also moved it to another location within the garden as Vicki has bought what I would call a wind sculpture which looks much better in that location than my weather gadgets.

Wasp nest.

The first job for me today was to put an end to a wasp nest that I trod on yesterday. The best time for this job is actually at dusk but I was still deciding last night whether I could get away with leaving it but in the end decided that it was not in the right place to be left alone. I had been lucky to avoid getting stung, in fact I'd been lucky on several occasions and didn't realise it so it had to go.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

The pears are coming along nicely.

I've decided that I must keep more up to date with my garden blogging as I know some of you like to see how things are doing in different parts of the world so today I took this picture in passing. We have several pear trees in the garden, all of them very old but as you can see they still produce a decent crop.

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Drastic action.

Today I took drastic action on an old climbing rose by the potting shed door. It is/was an old rose that refused to put out any new growth from the bottom as a result all the flowers were way up at the top of the plant so I've cut the whole lot off leaving a stump of about 9 to 12 inches from which I'm hoping new shoots will be forced to sprout forth. I will try and remember to let you know how it goes on - if it does.

Before the chop.

The stump.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Seeing double and Inverewe.

I guess some of you will be thinking I went away on holiday or something with me not posting for a while. Well the reason is that there hasn't been a lot to report beyond the usual dog or garden stuff so tonight I thought I would look for inspiration in my photo album and I came up with these two items. This first picture made me smile because it was in fact three pictures which were taken with a view to stitching them together at a later date, tonight being that later date and the thing that made me smile was that when all three were put together Tippy managed to get in the picture twice. I think the left handside picture would be the first one and by the time I took the third picture she had somehow joined up with Tommy.

Whilst looking through the pictures I also found this Video which was taken at Inverewe gardens Scotland. It's quite a nice setting don't you think?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Lessons to be learned.

At our house we are used to dogs that don't take food until they're told, see the video. I have posted this video before so some of you will have seen it already but It's a good example of what we expect of the dogs.

At the moment though this is not the case. If we go to make dinner and leave a certain dog and food in the same room where she is able to reach it, not only is the food gone when we return but so have most of the soft furnishings and anything else that can be dragged outside into the garden. So at the moment one of the ongoing lessons being taught is not to take food until told to do so. I'm not really expecting to reach the same standard as I have with Tommy in the video, but I will be expecting her not to take things from the tables or worktops. Other things being taught at the moment are obedience things when out walking. Recall is already good, I would say that it's nearing 100% except it's not been tested with a bunny rabbit or similar yet. I can also get her to stay at a distance but haven't managed to get her to sit at a distance. She is also starting to get the hang of 'walk', which is the same as 'heel', I just prefer to use 'walk' though.

Tonight we had a very close call when returning from our walk. I've been taking Tess on her own as I can't teach her the same when Tommy is there. Anyway we were nearing our house when I heard a noise behind so I turned to see the bosses dogs charging across the car park heading straight for us. They have attacked just about every dog in the village and on the estate so it was pretty evident what they were after so I quickly pulled Tess up by the lead and grabbed her but she wriggled and slipped from my grasp. By now the dogs were upon us so I was preparing to do battle and at the same time recover a startled Tess. This time I held on to her and turned to give the nearest dog a size ten mouthful if it was intent on trouble. I think they got the message because they both turned tail and legged it.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Co-operating dogs.

I took this picture tonight whilst we were out for a walk. I can always rely on Tommy to co-operate so it was nice that Tess did too as she goes about her life like she has ants in her pants so I'm sure it was a tremendous trial for her to sit still for ten seconds while I took the picture.

With regard to last nights video someone commented about Tommy getting a go with the ball. I will tell you that Tommy got to play ball a lot of the time but it just happened that while I was shooting the video Tess was doing the catching. It was funny earlier because Vicki was throwing the ball in to the sea so they both chased after it but Tess would wait at the waters edge and let Tommy go in to the water for it and would then want the ball from him when he got back in dry land, she didn't get it though.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Thanks for the advice.

I would like to thank everyone who offered advice about the flyball, I'm sure it would be great fun for Tess, I really need to find out what's involved and how it would fit in with other things.

The video below was taken last weekend and shows the dogs and Vicki playing on the beach.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Day trip to Fraisthorpe beach.

Last Saturday me, Vicki, Tommy and Tess took a trip to the coast, the weather wasn't the best but we had a good time, in particular young Tommy who just loves the water. He isn't supposed to stay in it to long on account of his joints but it's pretty near impossible to keep him out. We also played lots of ball, had a picnic and finished the day with an ice cream.

Tommy's idea of fun.
Showing Tess the sea, she didn't like it 
as much as Tommy.
Tommy had a great time paddling.
Is that a happy face or what?
Lots of ball games.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Going home.

We've had a good day at the seaside, took lots of doggy pics and had loads of fun playing ball and we are now on the way home. We will pic up a chinese meal to take home.

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Going for a day on the coast.

Today we are taking the dogs to the seaside for the day.

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Friday, 8 July 2011

To flyball or not to flyball?

This past week I have been thinking that it may be fun to enrol Tess with a local flyball team, I'm sure she would love it and any reservations I have concern myself and not my dog. I haven't done anything like that before, I'm not a competitive person by nature and the last club I joined was the woodworking club at school. Anyway I found the address of a local team and emailed them and it all seems very relaxed and friendly and have invited us to go to one of their training sessions at the end of the month to meet everyone and see what Tess makes of it all. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a look. Anyway there is a link below for the team I am in contact with.

Furry Tales Flyball Team.

Also for those that don't know what flyball is about here are a couple of video's which explain everything.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who experience of this form of dog sport.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A visit to the vet.

Tonight we had to take Tess to see the vet, it was just a routine visit to get checked over, wormed and weighed. She is doing fine and has put on 3 kilos in a month, that's over 5lbs. That was her third visit to see the vet and it's interesting to recall her reactions of each visit. The first time I carried her in and sat with her on my lap where she went to sleep. The second visit she was more active and had to be on the floor but not for any real purpose other than to explore. Tonight she was wanting to be everyone's friend and was paying attention to her surrounding looking and listening to everything that was going on. She has the vet wrapped round her little paws and receives lots of treats for doing very little. Anyway as I say, everything was fine and she has to go back in three weeks for more of the same.

Today is supposed to be reserved for mowing the lawns but before I could get started the farmer phoned me to say that the contractor was coming to shear the sheep so that put paid to any mowing until after lunch. Thankfully due to the dry weather the grass hasn't grown very much so there it doesn't really matter if it gets missed this week. I did run over the grass in the front garden just to put new stripes on it but that's about all it did as there was very little grass in the box after covering the whole lawn.

Well I'd better be off now as it's just about time to walk the dogs, take care and I will see you again soon.

Sheep Shearing.

This morning I have been called up to help with the sheep shearing, thats provided it doesn't rain first. This morning when I went across to check the sheep I discovered a new born lamb. Its been two months since the last one was born so this is a very late arrival.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Last week I made mention about not being able to take red and white flowers to the dowager house in the same bunch, a few of you have queried the reason for this so I will just explain that it is superstition that if red and white flowers are taken in together then something bad is going to befall the household, a bit like walking under a ladder or having a black cat cross your path. Apparently it not only applies to houses but also to hospitals too, if you believe this sort of thing you must never take a bunch of red and white flowers to someone in hospital or they very well may not be walking out. So although I don't believe any of this sort of thing the point is that I'm not allowed to either plant red and white flowers together or take them in as cut flowers. I hope that explains things.

Today me and the head gardener took a trip in to town to buy supplies for the garden. We actually timed it just right because no sooner had we set off and the heavens opened so it turned out to be the right job at the right time. We made a little video of our journey which by the way is not to the same place as the last one we made. This time we actually go to a little garden supply place in Doncaster which it our nearest major town [Click Here] Anyway the video is about 15 minutes long so don't feel obliged to watch all of it, or indeed any of it but it's there for those that do want to see.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

First time at work and first long walk.

Today I had a new under gardener to help me in the garden for a short while, she shredded a rawhide dog chew while I dead headed and weeded a couple of rose beds. After a while I let her off the lead but she tended to keep wanting to walk off the job so I had to keep a close eye on her but she was okay for a trainee.

My new trainee doing some shredding.
Tonight I took Tess on the long route when out for a walk, it's just over two miles and is the one that Tommy is no longer allowed to walk so he had to stay at home which I felt bad about. He has been in the garden with me most of the morning and all the afternoon so I guess he isn't really being left out, I just have fond memories of our long walks together. Anyway everything went well with Tess who walked most of the way off the lead without any problems apart from when she wanted to run after a jogger who passed us at one point, I had to keep her on the lead for a while after that.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Doggy hangovers.

Yesterday was the day of the village fete and as you will see from the pictures below it was a nice warm sunny day. We had my family come up for the day to visit us and see the fete and afterwards we had a BBQ style dinner out in the garden. I've been here six years and this was my first time at the fete.
Below you can see the main street in the village packed with people. Just for the day of the fete the road is closed to traffic so it can be lined with craft stalls and entertainment side shows. A lot of the money made on the day goes towards projects for the good of the village.
A view over the village, the road in the picture being the only one open for the day.
One of the entertainment side shows, this was an organ type machine playing music, no doubt it has a proper name but I don't know what it is off hand.
As is usually the case at our house, when family or visitors are here the dogs become centre of attention performing all sorts of tricks for treats, playing and generally having a party the result being a doggy hangover this morning. This is how I found my two dogs when returning for my tea break this morning.

I'm sure their predicament will only be sort lived and in no time at all they will be back to jumping, running and barking.

Friday, 1 July 2011

The Tree (July).

Below is a picture of 'The Tree' for July.
After the July picture you will find a little extra, this was Tess's first walk to the place where I take the pictures of the tree, she did very well because it's quite a lon way for little legs.

 A little extra.