Friday, 22 July 2011

Seeing double and Inverewe.

I guess some of you will be thinking I went away on holiday or something with me not posting for a while. Well the reason is that there hasn't been a lot to report beyond the usual dog or garden stuff so tonight I thought I would look for inspiration in my photo album and I came up with these two items. This first picture made me smile because it was in fact three pictures which were taken with a view to stitching them together at a later date, tonight being that later date and the thing that made me smile was that when all three were put together Tippy managed to get in the picture twice. I think the left handside picture would be the first one and by the time I took the third picture she had somehow joined up with Tommy.

Whilst looking through the pictures I also found this Video which was taken at Inverewe gardens Scotland. It's quite a nice setting don't you think?


Sara said...

Love the double Tippy shot, especially the side where she joined up with Tommy.

Those gardens are amazing!

I was looking thru some old photo albums myself yesterday. It is always fun to look back.

Gail said...

The serenity of the shot leaves me speechless.

Gail said...

Oh, Rob, I do not ignore your wonderful comments. I type away at a brilliant answer to your comment and reply comment blogger appears...thought lost, comment lost.

So here I am butting in on your personal space. Ki has been neglected a tad since all our topsy-turvy times and treats are always a good way to reenforce the fact that I am still the head b...uh, dog. thanks for stopping by to visit.

sagechronicles said...

Great job on the merging of the photos, Rob! Where was it taken?

The gardens are beautiful--we didn't get that far north when we were in Scotland a few years ago.

ellen abbott said...

That's a great job you did of blending the photos. I've only tried it a time or two and only with sunsets. To answer your question about what I will put where the azaleas were, I think I will replace them with more when the weather cools off and we start getting rain again. We're over 20" behind in our annual rainfall.

And what Gail said...go to your settings and make your email visible so we can reply to your comments.