Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Last week I made mention about not being able to take red and white flowers to the dowager house in the same bunch, a few of you have queried the reason for this so I will just explain that it is superstition that if red and white flowers are taken in together then something bad is going to befall the household, a bit like walking under a ladder or having a black cat cross your path. Apparently it not only applies to houses but also to hospitals too, if you believe this sort of thing you must never take a bunch of red and white flowers to someone in hospital or they very well may not be walking out. So although I don't believe any of this sort of thing the point is that I'm not allowed to either plant red and white flowers together or take them in as cut flowers. I hope that explains things.

Today me and the head gardener took a trip in to town to buy supplies for the garden. We actually timed it just right because no sooner had we set off and the heavens opened so it turned out to be the right job at the right time. We made a little video of our journey which by the way is not to the same place as the last one we made. This time we actually go to a little garden supply place in Doncaster which it our nearest major town [Click Here] Anyway the video is about 15 minutes long so don't feel obliged to watch all of it, or indeed any of it but it's there for those that do want to see.


Sara said...

I never heard about the red/white flowers being bad luck. Good to know!

What a dreary day you had. I guess you couldn't get much gardening done, might as well drive to the store.

ellen abbott said...

I had never heard that about red and white flowers. can't even plant them next to each other in the garden!

Elaine said...

I watched all 15 minutes and really enjoyed the trip. Too bad it was raining. I'd surely have trouble driving on the left side of the road, it would take me a while to adjust.
Elaine in Canada