Monday, 29 August 2011

Drax flyball competition.

Last Saturday Fallon and I went to the flyball competition at Drax. As it was a doggy day out we decided to take the other two dogs as well as Tess, both of which were much better behaved than Tess, not that she was the only naughty dog there. There was one dog that ran down and retrieved the ball and came back with it but forgot to stop when it caught up with it's handler and ran clean out of the enclosure and spend the next few minutes avoiding capture by running round a log pile. I must say that for the amount of dogs there and all the hyper activity there was no fighting or bad tempers on display. I was talking to one lady who has a collie the same age as Tess and she was of the same opinion as me that it's better for them to learn obedience first and then go on to flyball. After the visit on Saturday I do now know for sure that as it stands at the moment I don't have the confidence to do flyball. There isn't anything really hard about it that practise can't cure and I can't put a finger on what it is about it that I'm uneasy about, maybe I'm just not a team sort of person and I've always gone about things in a quiet manner and have never been one for the lime light. Anyway I will continue to go while Fallon wants to do so as I like the dogs and the people at the club are good people, talking of which, Keith, or rather his dog Angus achieved his gold award on Saturday which means he has acquired over 15.000 points which I was so pleased about as Angus is a great dog, my sort of dog and I get on well with Keith too so I wanted to see that.

Some shots of the dogs watching the action.
Taken by Fallon. 

 Tommy was very calm throughout in spite
of all the chaos, I was very proud of him.
Tess bustin to get in on the action.
I know some of you who read my blog are interested in British stately homes so when I was watching a TV show earlier today I thought I would see if there was a way to share it with you as I thought it was quite interesting and probably not something that is available to people in other countries. Anyway if you click [HERE] you should find yourself transported to the BBC iPlayer from where I think anyone can view the program although I don't know how long it's available for so if you are intereested then don't wait to long and if you're really in to it I noticed there is an option to download the show to your computer to view on Windows Media Player which will presumably means you will then have it to view whenever you wish.


Beth said...

Fallon did a great job with the pictures. The dogs do look eager to get in on the action.

I am off to the link now. I have always wanted to visit England and Ireland. I do have a niece that lives in London with her husband so maybe someday.

Sara said...

I'm not much of a team player either, and I'm not sure I'd be a good candidate for flyball either.

An English Shepherd said...

Sounds like it was interesting for you all!

Even if you havent exactly caught the flyball bug yet ;-)

Gail said...

I agree, discipline first. It seems a little excitable for a young pup that is still learning basics...How do you calm Tess after the excitement?

Theanne and Baron said...

love to see the photos of Tommy and Tess...thanks for the link, will check this out!