Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tess has a new handler.

I took daughter Fallon with me to flyball today and I have to say she is much better at running Tess than I am. I had the first go with her but I struggle to get her hyped up with me having a quiet and calm personality. A raised voice to me is over excitement and for flyball it seems the more you shout the more the dogs like it. I think perhaps that is why I get on so well with Tommy because the last thing he likes is people getting over excited so I'm beginning to learn that it's quite important to have a dog that matches your personality. Anyway when Fallon took over Tess was going at it like a house on fire and continued until she ran out of steam and Alison (the captain) called Time. I think after today's showing if Fallon doesn't continue with it then neither will I because I think I will just be wasting everyones time because it's not just a matter of learning how to do it I think it's a personality thing as well and I am what I am - quiet! If Fallon continues to work with Tess then I will of course go with her, after all I am quite good at carrying the jumps and all the other stuff that goes with it and I like to watch the dogs. Tess was more improved again both in the actual running and also within her surroundings, she just needs to mix with the other dogs better as she is still quite nervous of them for some reason. She likes to run up and sniff them but as soon as they turn round and sniff her she is off.

If you look in my sidebar I have put a link to Vicki's blog, I've also moved her blog because when I first set it up for her I just included it in my account with my other blogs but since I did away with them her blog has got a bit lost so I've transfered all her posts to a new blog and she now has her own account. I know some of you liked to read her posts so hopefully you will be able to find them again now - if you lost them.


Gail said...

I understand. I thought about doing fly ball or obstacles but I like my dogs calm and I am pretty calm. After reading a few books I decided it was not for me.

Tess will be fine with any direction you choose.

Sara said...

How interesting. Flyball is a loud game. I think agility can go either way. I've seen quiet, calm handlers (like myself), and then there are the energetic, yelling handlers! Seems as though both types have their own degree of success. Also, some quiet handlers occassionally have to yell when they run a particular dog.

Chewy has such an exuberant personality (which I love), but I can already tell he will be a challenge to handle. Whereas Oreo is always steady and reliable.

I hope Fallon enjoyed it! Seems like Tess does.

Beth said...

I wasn't sure what fly ball was so I googled it and found some interesting facts.

I think Fallon must have had a fun time with Tess.

Matron said...

An interesting point you make about flyball! They do get dogs hyped up, don't they?

An English Shepherd said...

Hope you keep it up it sounds like Tess enjoys it :-)

Kimmie said...

Okay i haven't a clue as to what flyball is...but I do know puppies have a lot of energy to burn (maybe it is just puppy personality and she too will quiet down in a bit).

I am sure Fallon loves having you there to watch and snap video (so hard to do when you are involved in the game).

Looking forward to some video of the flyball action too!

How old was Tommy when he found you?

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one homemade and 7 adopted

sagechronicles said...

It sounds like Fallon and Tess are a flyball match. I took Sage to watch once and she got all worked up just listening!