Monday, 12 September 2011

Flyball Training.

Hello everyone, Have you had a good day? Today I have been lifting the potato crop at work, I am pleased with them as there is a good amount of large ones which seem sound and blight free. It always pays to keep an eye on them through the winter though. The other thing is to find somewhere cool dark and frost free, oh yes and be sure to watch out for mice or even rats, both of which are good at sniffing out food as winter sets in.

As promised below is the video of Tess doing a couple of runs during last Saturdays Flyball training. If you turn up the volume you can hear Fallon shouting encouragement.


Beth said...

It looks as if Tess is getting the hang of the training, Good job to Fallon and Tess.

Yes, I love my iPods. The one in the living room has over 4000 songs on it and the one in the bedroom has over 2000 songs on it. I have hundreds of CDs and when I got my iPods I went through the CDs and put all of my favorite songs on them. I have never bought a song from iTunes.

Sam said...

I'm hoping to have a great garden one day - I hope I remember all these good tips you have. Have you ever thought of putting together a gardner's checklist book?


Sara said...

Fallon is a great coach for Tess! Chewy went to the window looking for Fallon when I played the video.

Tess has really learned that very fast. She's a smart one.

HORIZON said...

Tess moves like the wind!! Nice wee video. Hope you don't get too much bother with the winds tonight Rob- has been blowing a hoolie up this way.

ellen abbott said...

She's very speedy.

An English Shepherd said...

Great video of training. Yes, hope the wind/gale stays away from you :-)