Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fourth Generation.

Sara left a comment on last nights post saying that she didn't know Tomatoes could have another crop, it's understandable to think this because as far as I know the usual thing is to just crop them once and then pull them up. Another interesting things about these two plants is that they are in fact the third generation. I sowed the seed in January 2010 and grew them on in the normal way. Then at some point in the summer of 2010 I rooted a couple of side shoots which I grew on to crop during last Winter. Before these winter plants were pulled up I took two more cuttings and grew these plants on to produce an early crop this summer and these are the two plants that you see in the picture which as you can are about to crop for the second time this summer, the second crop coming from a side shoot allowed to grow after the main stem was cut down. Also from these two plants I have taken two more cuttings which I hope to grow on to produce a crop this coming winter and these plants will be the fourth generation of the plants I grew from seed sown in January 2010. I'm doing this just as a bit of fun, the main body of the crop comes from seed in the normal way.

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Kimmie said...

cool beans...I mean cool tomatoes.