Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A new holiday activity.r

Get dressed
07:50-08:00 (Home)

Seeing to the sheep
08:00-08:50 (Field)
The estate farmer called to ask if I could help cull some lambs, not a choice of holiday activity to suit everyone and not one I would choose myself but I felt obliged to help and he is one of the more pleasing characters around here.

preparing the dogs dinner

Walking the dogs
09:00-09:35 (Narrow walk)
Took Tommy and Tess part way up the narrow walk.

Had breakfast
Had a bowl of Cornflakes and a mug of tea.

On the PC
Posted yesterdays diary blog post.

Seeing to the sheep
Counted them and took across some hay.

Doing housework
Washed the pots.
Took the throat plate out of the fire to clean off debris.

Fixing up another cabinet
I liked the look of the one I did yesterday so as I have another cabinet going spare I thought I would add it to the other part of my desk where there was a shelf.

Some of the things in and on the second cabinet. The clock you ca see through the glass door is my Touchpad. Everything you see can be charged up whilst in the cabinet.

Break for lunch
Had two crumpets, two mince pies and a mug of tea.

Dog walking
Took Tess round the big block and then took Tommy to the end of the back lane and then returned through the village.

Paying the post office
Someone is trying to send something but it would seem they didn't put a stamp on it so the post office won't deliver it until I pay three times the original amount.

Take afternoon tea

On the PC
Posted some pictures to my blog.

Having dinner
Had baked potato with grated cheese and baked beans.
Also watched Ice Road Truckers.

On the PC
Looking at some Youtube video's.

Feeding the dogs

Making a drink

Watched TV
Watched an episode of Young James Heriot.

Get ready for bed

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EB said...

Interesting to see a breakdown of your free-time in the evening -you weren't mentioning that when I read your blog last (if I remember rightly). I find it hard to face up to how I waste time in the evenings. Hope the lamb culling isn't too grim; has to be done I guess. It's as well to get in with the neighbours if possible.