Saturday, 28 January 2012

A day away.

Today me and Tommy have come to visit my parents for the day. We unfortunately had to leave Tess at home due to her developing car phobia. We have just had lunch and are catching up on news. We will go and visit my sister later.

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Anonymous said...

what's this about Tess...a growing dislike for cars...oh my! I wonder exactly what it is that puts her off, the noise, the movement...I know when we traveled in our motorhome years ago, our Collie would immediately start "throwing up"...he was a bit of a nervous traveler!

Merle said...

Hi Rob - I hope Tess gets over her dislike of cars.
Thanks for your comments on my brother's updates about my health and the previous post. It is so good to be home after nearly 7 weeks i Hospital, which left me very weak. Getting a little bit stronger each day, but taking it slowly - one day at a time.
You have got very technical with all your electronic toys. Good luck. Cheers, Merle.