Thursday, 5 January 2012

Holiday Plans.

I got home this morning to find that Tess had been occupying herself by checking out this years holiday destinations. Not only was she checking out where to go but also when she would be able to fit it in to her busy schedule because along side the holiday brochure was Vicki's new calendar which she had removed from the wall behind the stairs door. From what I could make out it's a toss up between a 10 day cruise on the Mediterranean or a 14 day tour of Italy any time between the end of May and the beginning of August. I determined this as a result of those holidays and dates were the only ones she didn't rip up.

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Sara said...

What a good girl...making all those difficult decisions for you!

Anonymous said...

Well Tess, I have this feeling you won't be going on those holidays!

At least she isn't eating the walls, rug and vinyl like our 2nd Collie did! Never knew what would be found when we arrived home from work!