Monday, 2 January 2012

Today we have been taking down the Christmas decorations. I always find this to be quite a sad time. If like me you too find it a little sad to see them go spare a thought for those living in the Southern hemisphere. At least here we have the longer, warmer days and new life to look forward too. I find that when viewed in this way we are in reality just at the beginning of the celebrations and not at the end of them.

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Anonymous said...

I'm always sad when Christmas is over, it's such a wonderful celebration of Christ being born! I have to remind myself that I can celebrate every day of the year!

From your post before this one, do you have a new furry friend or are you doggie sitting?!

Jim said...

Mrs. Jim took some down today also. I am no help to her because of being on 'light duty' after my back surgery. She is doing a good job. L) LOL