Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Garden (February).



It's time for the second picture of our garden. There isn't a lot of change from last month but I'm sure things will alter soon.

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Anonymous said...

I've got to get over to my son's and DIL's place and take my monthly you I don't think it's going to look that different...we'll see ;-)

Sara said...

Just started downloading my photo of the month! Not much change here either.

Kendi said...

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Jim said...

Hi Bob ~~ It looks like I need a photo of the month.

I was over at the other blog and was wondering if you have hiked up to the Stoodley Pike Monument?

Thank you for anwering the questions a little earlier also. They were very interesting answers.

I am with you on the late stay in bed. My house rule is that if I'm not up by eight then Mrs. Jim should bring me a cuppa (coffee).

I love the Scottish Lemon Curd. We have it here but it isn't near so good as what we got, local, up in Scotland. It works good on toast, I agree.