Thursday, 9 February 2012

Knaresborough Castle.

Last Saturday Vicki managed to get the day off from the shop so despite the weather we decided to go out for the day although we set off not actually knowing where we would end up. As it turned out we finished up at the market town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. There was no market this day but there are quite a few shops to look at and eventually we ended up at the castle which is pretty much in ruins but interesting none the less. Also there are some nice views over the river and the valley. After the castle we found somewhere warm to eat and sat and watched the snow begin to fall as we had our dinner. Because it was coming on to snow quite hard by the time we got finished we decided to make our way back home.

Below are some pictures of Knaresborough Castle, which I hope you enjoy. 

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ellen abbott said...

very nice. I read another blog who has a castle ruin basically in her back yard.

Anonymous said...

A lovely view from the castle ruins...and the bridge is very interesting and tall! How wonderful that your lady had some time off!

Sara said...