Monday, 23 April 2012

Jobs for Winter.

The garden thermometer reads 7C at the moment so its pretty cool for the time of year and wetter than a ducks foot, in effect its like Winter with weeds and leaves so I once again find myself looking for Winter type jobs for today. That in mind I think that today is a good day for tackling the long over due job of tidying up the potting shed yard, especially now that I've moved the compost and bins out of there. Already this morning I've completed the usual chores and turn the compost in the new bins so I think its time for a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit.

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fields of yellow.

I'm pleased to report that everything in the greenhouses was okay. During the winter months the its just as cold in the conservatory as it is outside during the night  but I think at this time of year with the sun being stronger it warms up the tile floor which then gives off some warmth during the night because in spite of the hard frost last night the temperature in the conservatory dropped no lower than 5C. This is still colder than I would have liked for the plants that are in there but it won't kill them.

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I'm up early this morning to watch the qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix, I sure hope it's worth it. While I've been snug and warm in bed the temperatures have dropped below freezing, I sure hope the plants I moved into the unheated conservatory are OK. I sure hope the heater in the greenhouse worked OK to protect all the seedlings.

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Making Room.

I spent a couple of hours this morning clearing the rest of the plants from the bench in the hot house ready to fill with Petunia seedlings later today.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Moving Home

The first job today after the usual tasks is to move some plants from the greenhouse to the conservatory so as to make room for seedlings that I need to prick out in the near future. I won't spend all day at this job as I have some weeding to do later. I'm also taking a few cuttings and potting on anything in dire need. This it the first time I've been able to see some of the plants properly since I put them in the greenhouse last Autumn as they all tend to inter mingle in to one body. I think they do that to keep warm lol!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back to work.

Its back to work for me today after the Easter holidays. One of the jobs for the first day back will be to install a new fountain pump in the lily pond. Its been without one for a while now so it will be nice to have it back as it does add something to that area of  the garden.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Tree

This picture is of the Easter tree that Vicki has made for us.

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Back To Work.

The breakfast went okay although it was a pretty strange affair with not a Cornflake or fried egg in sight. Instead we had - well I'm not sure what they were but they seemed to be something more suited to the tea time table than the breakfast table but it was very nice all the same. 

Its back to work now, its a brighter day so could get on with some usual jobs again except I have to be somewhere close to the drive as I'm expecting a water pump to be delivered any day so I don't want them taking it back because there is no one to sign for it so I'm doing some edging close by so hopefully I can here people coming on the place. 

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Easter Breakfast.

This morning the staff from the estate have been invited to go and have breakfast with the gentleman of the big house. A kind gesture maybe but I must confess I feel more at ease tending his gardens than I do about eating his breakfast.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What Weather!

Last week we had the warmest day of the year so far and a week later we wake up to snow. I can't say that I have a lot of enthusiasm for snow at this time of the year, it just makes a mess of my plans and everything in the garden as well - plus it feels colder snow than we get in winter which I guess is because we have become used to the climbing temperatures. Well, I have some seeds and stuff to order so I think today might be the day for that job - its certainly no fun working outdoors that's for sure.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Change of plan.

Today I had planned on cutting lawns and I did made a start and managed to get the public lawns and the front garden lawn cut before the rain became to heavy. Now though and for the rest of the day I am confine myself to the indoors. At the moment I am working on a spider plant which has spent the winter in the back corner of the hot house and as a result of which has become a bit bedraggled looking. So I dragged it out last night and I am now trying to make it look a little more respectable.

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