Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fields of yellow.

I'm pleased to report that everything in the greenhouses was okay. During the winter months the its just as cold in the conservatory as it is outside during the night  but I think at this time of year with the sun being stronger it warms up the tile floor which then gives off some warmth during the night because in spite of the hard frost last night the temperature in the conservatory dropped no lower than 5C. This is still colder than I would have liked for the plants that are in there but it won't kill them.

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Anonymous said...

why not fill washed plastic milk bottles with water and place all around the edge of the greenhouse - they warm up during the day and cool down slowly at night, acting as a radiator and retaining a little more heat in your greenhouse.

Anonymous said...

addition to Anonymous...the Back to the Earth folks in the 60s and 70s also tinted the water black so it would absorb the heat faster (and perhaps hotter)!

Thank goodness for the conservatory!