Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Young Mulberry Fruit.

Today I am work  close by one of the Mulberry trees and I'm pleased to see that they at least don't seem to have been affected by the weather as there promises to be much fruit.

Because of all the rain we've been having most of my time  lately seems to have been taken up by grass cutting of one sort or another so its good to have this extended period of dry weather although having said that it was drizzling when I took the dogs out this morning so I wouldn't say the weather has entered a settled period.

I have Tom with me today, I only bring him out to the garden if the weather is fine and warm on account of his joints, it wouldn't do him good to lie around on cold wet ground.

Well must go and make the most of what is left of the day.

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Sara said...

Hope you get a sunny stretch soon. Rain makes everything green, but it sure does make it hard to do any upkeep.

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